Has My Career Hit A Snag?

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My answer to the question is I think you should reassess your career every couple of years no matter how well or how confident you are that things are going according to plan. It is far too easy to put your career and brand on autopilot and then suddenly realize you need to do something. Our minds love to create … Read More

Mentor Me, Please!

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A mentor can help you reach new levels and new heights in your career.

I recently got an email from a young lady asking if I’d mentor her. When I asked what did she want me to help her with she said “You’re successful and I thought you could teach me to be successful too.” Well, like you I get a number of requests and I’m always torn over what to do because the … Read More

Destined to Fail at Your Career

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Getting Stabbed In the Back? Check for Your Own Fingerprints on the Knife?   Let’s face it. Right now there are a lot of people (and you may be one of them) worried about their job. Every day you go to work and give your best ideas, muster up the wherewithal to labor over too many tasks and projects that … Read More