Here’s My Story

Sometimes, something in your life takes you by surprise. Something changes, and suddenly, you’re faced with a choice. A hard one. One that requires courage, trust and a willingness to change what you believe is possible… for yourself, your future and even the world at large.

And while you may not realize it at the time, that choice, and the consequences it brings, allows you to unleash a power, strength and slew of natural abilities you never even knew you had.

For me, this choice came in 2006.

My career was on fire. After working as a recruiter and program director in Human Resources at AFLCIO, I went to work at Monsanto. My first assignment was to help employees run the plant during the off shifts, without supervision — an experience that opened my eyes to what’s possible when people use their innate strengths and talents to solve problems, create greater productivity and lead.

Fueled by this experience and a genuine desire to help people realize their potential, recognize their strengths and leverage those strengths in their work, I immersed myself in the world of Human Resources. I honed my skills, continued to study and became exceedingly good at my job. As a result, I was hired to work with several Fortune 500 companies, including The Gap, Budget Rent A Car and Peoples Gas Company (which is now called Integrys) in Chicago.

Then, in 2006, I was recruited to Charlotte, NC to work for Lending Tree. But shortly after taking the job, my father became very sick. It was hard for him to have me be so far away, and it was hard for me to be unable to support him and help with his care.

I had a choice to make, and I chose my father.

I left my position and made my father’s health care my full-time job. And like any job, I approached it with a relentless determination and focus. I thought, if I can fix $6-million problems, surely I can fix my father’s health.

Then, one of my daughters was in a horrible car accident and almost died. Now both my dad and my daughter needed me, and I needed every bit of strength, will, desire and skill I had to supervise care for both of them.

My daughter did recover, but my father finally passed away. And my whole life had been rearranged. Not just my career, but my values, priorities and even my way of looking at the world. I knew, in my bones, that I couldn’t return to a senior level corporate role.

I had to reinvent myself and my career.

With my many skills in the areas of Human Resources, Leadership and Team Building, as well as my personal life experience, I knew I could help business executives and leaders inspire high-level performance, productivity and satisfaction in the people with whom they work. But I had an even greater mission, which was to bring humanity back to the workplace and help people bring all of their innate talents and strengths into their work.

So, I received training and became certified as a business coach through North Carolina State, and from the get-go, I started helping business executives who were struggling with issues of performance, productivity, creativity and personal satisfaction.

More often than not, I was (and still am) asked to diagnose and fix problems of productivity and performance. When something isn’t working, when a corporate executive can’t seem to get the best from his or her team, or the business is losing customers and can’t figure out why, I am called in to get to the heart of the matter, create a plan and get things back on the track to success.

While my work has evolved significantly over the years, I still draw upon my own personal experience of “reinvention” when I work with business leaders who are struggling to make sense of the challenges they face today. These challenges may be brought on by changes in the marketplace or changes within themselves. Either way, they require courage, honesty and a willingness to be open to new ways of working with others.

I love my work, and I love my clients. I feel honored and inspired to work with people who are smart, skilled and committed to achieving their highest level of success without sacrificing their values, compassion and humanity. It is my privilege and great joy to help them reach new levels of professional achievement and personal satisfaction in what they do and in who they are.

If you’d like to know more about me, I invite you to connect with me on Facebook or LinkedIn. Or feel free to contact me by phone or email me to set up a time to see if I can help you remember that You Matter.