Inspire Your Audience

Urban Business SpeechThere was a time when …

Change didn’t happen so fast.

Collaboration and Relationships Wasn’t Key To Your Success.

Innovation and Creativity Was Left to A Few And

The Keys To Business Success Was Clear and Certain

But times have changed and the speed of change is mindbogglingly.   How do you combine an inspirational talk with concrete strategies that your audience can use immediately?  You book Denise Cooper for your next gathering.  Whether a virtual or physical gathering Denise can deliver a high impact, dynamic presentation that gets your audience to the next level of performance. 

Denise Cooper helps business leaders and corporate executives fully own and integrate their unique strengths and talents to solve problems, increase their influence and achieve extraordinary levels of success and personal satisfaction. As the founder of Coach HR, she is known for her ability to diagnose and address the real issues that prevent business leaders from realizing their goals and experiencing a deeper sense of fulfillment in their work.

Her keynote speeches and presentations, which are often described as “powerful,” “inspiring” and “life-changing”, deliver cutting-edge information and specific strategies to help professionals take charge of their careers, overcome obstacles, and wisely navigate the ever-changing landscape of today’s global marketplace.

Each presentation is infused with Denise’s passion and smart sense of humor, leaving audiences uplifted, entertained and empowered to take immediate positive action.

“The audience related so well to Denise, enjoyed her sense of humor and found her presentation uplifting while being challenged to strive toward best practices. Her presentation received the highest evaluations ever recorded in our two year history…. Whatever she wants to talk about, Denise is always welcome to return.” —Linda Hinckle, Benefits Consultant and VP Programming Catawba Valley SHRM

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