One of the advantages you will have in working with me is that I understand the changes that are happening in the marketplace and I can help you navigate these changes effectively, efficiently and successfully.

“I’ve worked with Denise for about two years. She stretches me beyond my own beliefs about my capabilities. She sees new possibilities and pushes you out of your comfort zone, but supports you fully in your development.”

— HR Professional, Monsanto Company

But the changes you are experiencing are not isolated to the external world. They are happening inside each and every one of us. For the world is evolving quickly, and so are you.

Why hire a coach?

There is only one reason to hire a coach: to gain the knowledge and skills to improve your results. A skilled coach will help you clarify your end goal and work with you to identify the right opportunities to take, as well as obstacles, and challenges that may slow or derail your progress.  Skilled coaches will also support you through the transition process which depending upon your circumstances can be overwhelming.

I tell people all the time, that Denise knows her stuff. She opens your eyes to stuff you would have never thought of. Very personable and I believe she can assist anyone if she speaks with you for a bit. I think to be a great leader you must be able to understand as well as encourage the person needing your help. I feel Denise did that for me and then some. Sr. Director Bank of America

Why work with Denise Cooper/Coach HR?

Because I’ve been in your shoes AND I’ve spent the time, money and other resources to learn exactly how to help you.  I’ve spent over 25 year with at least 15 in senior level positions. I’ve led small non-profits as well as large corporate HR functions.  I’ve worked in companies under tremendous pressures to succeed or change to meet market or industry changes.

I’ve worked on acquisition teams and merger teams.  So I can tell you from experience that many of the challenges, frustrations and problems you face today have less to do with who you are or your ability to lead and more to do with the constantly changing landscape of business today. There comes a time in everyone’s life when what used to work for you in the past is now obsolete because the marketplace is moving at the speed of thought. New technologies may be increasing our efficiency but they are also creating new problems. At the same time, the old tools and strategies don’t work.

One of the advantages you will have in working with me is that I understand the changes that are happening in the marketplace and I can help you navigate these changes effectively, efficiently and successfully.  One of the advantages you will have in working with me is that I understand the changes that are happening in the marketplace and I can help you navigate these changes effectively, efficiently and successfully.

The Profile of my Ideal client:

My clients are smart, capable and have a proven track record of success but:

  • Find themselves in new situations where the stakes are high and need to learn new behaviors for success;
  • Generally they don’t know how good they are (their unique value) and how to get paid what they are worth.
  • In the past, they’ve just accepted the raises and most of the promotions offered and that’s what signifies their success.  But they want success to equate to making a lasting impression in the lives of others.
  • They require confidentiality and so they are willing to pay for a place where they can think through the ramifications of their options, actions and potential choice without fear of signaling the market or their staff.
  • My clients understand they are at a cross road and the options presented don’t seem to have a clear right choice. In fact, my clients are stuck because there are no clear answers.
    • They are working in an organization facing significant changes such as an impending merger/acquisition, new regulations or vision of the future and they have to find a sweet spot for their company/division.
    • They’re charged with setting a new course for their organization and their team is resistant to change or under skilled.
    • They are newly hired and want to make sure they are going to succeed in their new role. They know that nearly 49% of newly hired executives fail within 18 months and only 16% achieve unequivocal success and they want to make sure they don’t fail. They know the odds and want to stack the deck in their favor.
    • Life has changed. It’s time to set a new personal course. It’s usually a result of something changing in their personal life. It may be taking care of aging parents, the birth of a child, or a desire to have a bigger impact in the community. My clients want to figure it out using a structured process that will quickly lead them to answers.

What are the benefits of hiring a coach?

In a latest publication from the ICF, executives identify 4 benefits they received from their coaching relationship.

  • One on one continuous attention and support – it has been said “being at the top is a lonely place.” Executives often site this as one of the biggest downsize of leadership. Executive leaders find it very difficult to find avenues to discuss and explore options and opportunities which are needed when your business is facing an uncertain, volatile, changing market. They report having a confidant in whom they trusted their advice, process and could face their own vulnerabilities was critical to success.

“Since working with Denise I have such an increase in my confidence level. I go into meetings with Sr. Leadership with a new found level of confidence. More focus toward strategic clarity and role clarity. Letting my softer side show. No longer have to lead with my technical experience or expertise. As a result of working with her the C suite is definitely noticing my work.” Sr. Manager, JCPenny

  • Gain additional self-awareness – a skilled coach is trained in identifying your strengths, weaknesses and blind spots and how they interact to propel your performance or hinder it. Think of Tiger Woods. Although he does many things well at the height of his success everyone marveled at his unique combination of skills that consistently produced wins. Everyone has a unique edge but few have the opportunity to understand it in detail so they can consistently use it to achieve the desired results.
  • Accountability for development – High performing leaders all understand that achieving and sustaining performance is based upon five areas – create and set an inspiring vision/direction, set priorities, delegation, follow up and ensuring follow through. An important and primary role of a coach is to develop the kind of relationship where their client holds themselves accountable and responsible for their actions.  Words don’t teach. It is only by doing that growth occurs.
  • Just in time learning – skilled coaches are capable of hearing and knowing what is needed to develop the skills necessary for success. In working with me, you’ll practice and have exercises designed to prepare you for the time you’ll need to perform. I think my clients find this one of the most important things I offer.

How long would I work with you as my coach?

My clients typically spend a minimum of months with me. However, there are times when a new client will need immediate action and for them I offer a VIP day.  It is designed to address a very specific issue and by the end of the day have a plan of action.

On average my clients work with me for about 6 months. If we choose to continue then we set up new goals.  I don’t work with people who want to have continuous learning without clear and measurable goals. In the rare cases I’ve worked with a leader longer it is to implement a multi-year plan to change or build the culture of an organization.

My goal is to make sure you have the skills to replicate my process with or without me. For most people, that takes nine to twelve months.

“Denise helped me to see the most extraordinary things about myself. These revelations assisted me in shifting to a place that I could start creating again. I am no longer hanging in the shadows, but finally living my life.”

— D. Ollila, General Manager

When I ask my clients to express why they choose to work with me, many of them say things like, I’m easy to talk to. Or I always give it to them straight. No side-stepping or pussy-footing around the truth. They appreciate that I understand what they’re up against, and that I care deeply about both their professional success and their personal happiness.

If anything on this page rings true… then it’s time to contact me and see if working with me will bring the sense of peace and certainty you desire.