News flash: Your Boss and HR aren’t engaged either

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When it comes to employee engagement there’s been so much written and discussed it was easy to overlook one glaring fact. The two groups responsible for solving the problem are suffering from it too.

So here’s a message to every CEO. “You’ve got a REALLY BIG PROBLEM” if you care anything about the impact of disengaged employees.

My advice start closer to home. Figure our how to engage your senior leadership and let it trinket down. If it’s good enough for the economy should be good enough for you.

All jokes aside I really do recommend you start with your senior leadership. Why? It’s your sphere of influence and you can make a big impact.

Starting in the middle is too far away from you to really see results.

Another good reason is if you and your senior leadership can get it right amongst yourselves then you can teach it to others.

Right now you might be saying “Why bother? We’re doing fine with a solution to this problem.

In the age of doing more with less ask yourself what could you do if you had 2 hours additional productivity from 80% of your employees? How much would that accomplishment add to your bottom line?

Being Engaged is actually something to think about huh?

If you need assistance with increasing your ability to be engaged contact us.

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