Professionals to CEO’s: Mastering The Art Of Mentorship is Critical To Your Success

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Mentoring-quote 1The Idea – Mentoring is ESSENTIAL to your long term ability to achieving your personal and professional goals. A Mentor is defined as someone who is a wise and trusted teacher, adviser or counselor. Mentoring is the act of teaching and sharing knowledge, perspective and information that leads to personal or professional growth for all involved.

One widely held belief is mentoring only occurs when an older, more experienced executive is counseling someone younger or less capable in their career. I encourage my clients to dispel that myth. Today, even C suite executives are using their network to find mentors to prepare them for their next step. (See HBR article How Did CEO of Zoetis Prepared for the Top Job)

Great mentoring is built on the foundation that like-minded people can gain something from everyone. 21st century mentoring is a relationship that involves give and take, sharing more than expertise or confidence building. I couldn’t have achieved the level knowledge, skills, mastery and success without mentors. I am really very clear about that fact.

As importantly, I firmly believe that NO ONE (no matter what you’ve been told) achieves anything of significance without the help of others. If you reflect back over your life you’ll notice there were people who appeared at the right time, said the right thing or opened the right door for you so you could achieve a new level of success or achievement. But in my coaching practice I hear all too often an underlying belief that says “I can do it all myself, or success requires me to pull myself up by my own bootstraps”. I am here to tell you ‘relationship matters,’ both to your ability to create a life of abundant success, grace and ease, but also for the person who chooses to be your mentor.

If you’re thinking about becoming a mentor or mentee or already involved as one or the other you be clear on two things.

1. “What do you need to let go of so you can be helped, guided, learn and grow?” It can be a belief, a fear of something happening or not happening, a need to be in control or it could be something that right now is unknown to you. Whatever it is, it gets in the way of you being able to receive support, guidance, love and sustainable career or financial success.

2. “Why should I put forth the effort to nurture my network, so that I can benefit from the knowledge, skills, information and wisdom held by others?” Let’s face it. We’re all busy with commitments that require our attention. If you don’t understand and buy into elevating ‘your’ mentoring by placing it on ‘your’ priority list, you then miss a critical opportunity for success. It will be just another missed opportunity because the other priorities and beliefs about accepting help will capture your time, attention and energy. The end result is you’ll continue to be stuck and comfortable where you are right now.

Once you’ve answered these two questions you’re ready to begin putting your plan together on how to create reciprocal relationships that will create sustainable success in your life.  Check back with me over the next couple of weeks for more information on how to Master the Art of Mentoring.


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