Quick Fixes

Transform you thinking

Transform you thinking

There are times when you need to get to the root of the problem quickly.

  • The numbers just aren’t adding up and the bottom line isn’t changing.
  • You’re doing the “right things” but the situation isn’t getting better.
  • You’ve done what you know how to do and now you know you need to come at it a different way.
  • You know you must match strategy to situation and that there’s no one best way. But how do you decide the best one for this situation.

But talking to just anyone brings risks, additional work or complications that will only make matters worse. Time’s a ticking and you need a solution now.

Laser Coaching

Wrestling with a complex, emotionally challenging situation or faced with a big decision, challenge or problem?  You need a decision filter.  In 60 – 90 minutes you’ll be skillfully and confidentially guided through a decision model that will help you determine your options, assess risk and select the course of action that will give you the ideal result. Sign up for a laser coaching session (60-90 minutes) and let’s find the perfect solution.

 90 Day Success Challenge

You want a sure fire sustainable solution to that problem that nags at you when you’re in a meeting or trying to fall asleep at night.  You want to make a real change that will move you towards clarity and a renewed sense of vision.  Then sign up for the 90 day Success Challenge where you’ll get have a detailed assessment of your situation and a practical, results-oriented success plan of action.

Learn more about the 90 Day Success Challenge.

Kickstarter Day (A Day to Think Deeply and Plan Carefully)

This day with Denise is perfect for those who are feed up or have to make a change quickly . The goal of a Kickstarter Day is to identify the best course of action and how to get off the dime and define a new vision for your professional or personal life.

The Kickstarter Day is right for you if

  • You’ve always depended on your ability to get to the root cause for any challenge or obstacle. But this time the outcomes are really important and for some reason, you just can’t see, feel or know what the best course is.
  • Or let’s face it.  There are times when you need a jump start….  you need set an appointment for yourself with an accountability partner who’ll make sure you not only figure out what you want to do but ensure you get it done.   It’s just that plain and simple. You lead a jam packed life and your to-do list increases daily.  It’s near impossible to schedule time to do the kind of deep thinking required to create or review your vision of success.  And if you don’t take the time to think deeply and evaluate what’s work and what not working it’s easy to get caught up in the comfort of “good enough”.“Good enough” is the enemy of great.  But great work, great teams are what real lasting success is made of and it’s also where you want to live. Great work and working with a great team is living in the flow of life.
  • Lastly, you need an outsider to come in and help you and your team decide on a course of action.  You need an impartial someone who understands the market place, strategies for success and can ask the tough questions that break open log jams and help you and your team agree to a course of action.

The solution to either case is you need a carefully crafted day with Denise where you’ll gain new insights and develop specific strategies to quickly get to the root cause of the challenges you face and then put together a road map to follow.

“Highly successful people schedule quiet focused time to plot out their goals and a course of action.”

What does a Kickstarter Day entail?

  • We’ll start with getting a good solid understanding of your situation. There may be some upfront work and research required to make sure our time together is highly product.
  • Based upon your situation we’ll also examine your relationships. Who’s on your personal board of directors?  These are relationships you have that we can count on to help you support and implement your plan of action.
  • We’ll take some time to clarify your personal, professional and financial goals and determine where they may be a conflict and where there’s overlap.
  • We’ll work together to achieve clarity. You’ll understand exactly what you want, what are your strengths, identify personal, business or professional weaknesses that you’ll need to compensate for and any obstacles, behaviors or habits that can block you from success.

Sometimes the problem isn’t about A RIGHT answer but the problem is there’s too many opportunities.  How do you just pick one?”

  • We’ll end the day with charting your course for success and how you can regularly evaluate your progress to make sure you stay on course or you know immediately when and how to adjust your course of action to ensure you’ll achieve your goals.

If you’re ready to sit down with a professional who can help you identify and adopt strategies that will get you or your team on the path towards success then click here to schedule an initial consultation with Denise. (704-457-9488) or contact us to schedule a 30 minute call with Denise right now!

Testimonial for a Day Of G.R.A.C.E.

Hey Coach Denise,pamela-Lue-Hing

I am lovin’ the systems and automation!!! Great job!!!  I will be sure to follow your instructions!!!  Just one question….where have you been all my life…LOL

Today, I walked away from our session feeling like I had been to a spa and had a hot stone massage experience with massage therapists Grace and Ease!!!  It was clarity at it’s best!!!  Indeed, you are gifted and you operate in your purpose phenomenally!!!  Thank you so very much for your commitment to walk in your purpose and I absolutely LOVE my journal, not to mention the PLAN!!!!  Pam Lue-Hing, Author, Pink Slip to Powerhouse: 12 Steps to Next  Speaker and CEO Legacy Partners LLC

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