Clients Tell The Story

Daniella Cracknell


“Denise is truly a professional life-savor! Worth every penny!” Daniella Cracknell CEO of LEONARD GEORGE 

“Denise has worked with us for nearly five years. Her facilitation of meetings, presentations and delivery is always on point. I highly recommend her. You’ll not be disappointed.”  Christopher Powell former EVP Human Resources Scripps Networks Interactive, Inc. now CEO Blackbook HR

“Denise has unquestionable integrity. She is extremely passionate and exceptional in her ability to help organizations and individuals successfully meet their goals. Denise’s enthusiasm for treating individuals with respect places her in the elite: a tutor, a mentor, a coach and a teacher. Ken Burgdorf Clarity Consultants

“Denise is a strategic-minded business partner for the organizations she serves. She truly understands the financial, cultural, and practical impact of human resources design and practice. She seeks to find solutions that balance the interests of all stakeholders. Denise is an agent of change – bold enough to stand her ground, yet savvy enough to accommodate organizational realities.” Diane Gerard Senior Director Global Rewards, Harsco Corporation

I worked with Denise for about two years. She stretched me beyond my own limited beliefs about my capabilities. She sees new possibilities for you and pushes you out of your comfort zone, but supports you fully in your development. I’m in a role that doesn’t allow me to share my thoughts and think strategically about the business.  Denise offers me the opportunity to explore new ideas, develop plans to gain buy-in and practice presenting them in a low risk environment. ”  HR Professional Monsanto Company

Denise Cooper is the Paladin of career coaches, exacting intuitive strategies in being prepared to be successful in all aspects of the interviewing process. She is smart, savvy, and has an outrageous, infectious laugh, but deadly serious and intent on making your venture into the job arena a prosperous one. I highly recommend her for her superior career strategies.” P. David Johnson CPA

“I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciated your coaching the other night. Your laser coaching was just what I needed to prepare for my meeting.  Not only was it comforting at the time, but you could not have been more accurate about the entire meeting scenario from start to finish. THANK YOU, THANK YOU! I was so confident in the meeting and everyone was amazed.” Gailen David The Sky Steward

Denise helped me to see the most extraordinary things about myself. These revelations assisted me in shifting to a place that I could start creating again. I am no longer hanging in the shadows, but finally living my life.” Donah Ollila Manager at Ulta

“I turned to Denise Cooper in November of 2010, after I had been laid off for the first time in my life. I was struggling with my job search. Denise’s positive, upbeat attitude helped get me focused. First, she helped me identify my strengths and them in writing and in conversation. This made my job search became much easier. By the end of our time together, I had become more comfortable with building my network, and I landed a job! In March of 2012, I was laid off again. Thanks to what I had learned from Denise, I was able to put my “job search” into gear much more quickly. I had built a good network within my industry and made sure to keep relationships fresh. I had several interviews within the first two weeks and landed a new job after being off work 8 weeks compared to 7 months previously. Thank you, Denise Cooper!” Robert Gesell Construction and Project Management Cedar Fair

“Denise exudes high, positive energy and is an innovative professional. Her coaching skills align you for success as she helps you develop a blueprint for growing your passion.” Chandra M. Green HR Generalist Walgreens

“I never met Denise in person, but working with her for over five months, she was able to really get to know me. She coached me to look at my business for growth opportunities and taught me how to work on it and not just in it.” Michael Andreano Manager, Information Security Governance and Awareness at Wyndham Worldwide

“I took Denise’s challenge of being still for 15 minutes daily. My initial thought was, ‘Do you have any idea how much I could accomplish in 15 minutes? What a waste of time!’ But the challenge paid off. It’s amazing how this practice helps me clear my focus and vision for each project.” DaLoria Mondesir Owner  Enagic Kangen Water Systems

“The (Judgment Compass) assessment is surprisingly simple and quick, and it yields important insights into how values and thought habits define our actions. Denise is adept at helping you understand and constructively apply this information to guide your business. She is amazingly perceptive and right on target with her recommendations.” Wendy Gill, Owner at Professional Communications

“I want to tell you thank you again for speaking with me. The impact you made on me was phenomenal even today I am still hearing your words of wisdom and support. Speaking with you has given me incredible the motivation and focus on starting my own business. I bless God for such an opportunity in my time of weakness and doubt about my life and my direction. You are such a great force of positive energy. Our session confirm my inner most desires and helped my embrace my purpose.” Camille Craver Charlotte, NC

 Accolades for Denise’s Keynotes & Presentations

“This presentation and presenter received the highest evaluations ever recorded in our two year history. Of particular note was the dramatic increase in knowledge of the topic reported by the audience. The audience related so well to Denise and enjoyed her sense of humor. They found it uplifting and were challenged to strive toward best practices. Whatever she wants to talk about, Denise is always welcome to return.” Linda Hickle Marketing Manager General Benefits and VP Programming Catawba Valley SHRM

Denise is a dynamic speaker who can captivate any audience. Denise shows you the potential of change to improve operational effectiveness and builds support for ideas by developing and presenting logical arguments. I highly recommend Denise and her company, Coach HR, for any company or individual who wishes to achieve success.”  M. Webb Sales Consultant Cire Computer Productions


Thank you for presenting your presentation entitled “Fierce Leadership For Empowered Leaders “at our July 12th monthly program. It was an excellent presentation, and I think our attendees walked away with some valuable insight. As I glanced each of the tables, I couldn’t help but notice how many people were engaged and taking notes. Your forum allowed for a good dialogue, opinions to be expressed as well as information to be shared by the attendees. Thelma Thorne-Chapman VP Programs Diversity Council of the Carolinas


“Denise was inspiring and very thought-provoking. I am leaving this session with the purpose of playing BIG. No longer small thinking!” Pamela Myers VP Programs Charlotte ASTD


You were awesome. I really appreciated your willingness to share your knowledge and the passion of your message. Your ability to articulate the content and its delivery is not only effective but powerful. Bob Hillyard Insurance Specialist Hillyard Financial”


Denise presents complex information in a simple, understandable way.” Delores Mitchell Manager Scripps Interactive Network

On stage during your presentation you coached me. You gave me tools to help me communicate & build better relationship with my customers.” Cassie Brown Director Programs Scripps Interactive Network

Debbie Bullock bookThis presentation changed my life. I’ve been so busy working I missed what it takes to protect my livelihoodDr. Debbie Bullock Author, It’s All Good: Every Round Goes Higher and HR Consultant American Airlines

Denise’s presentation on leadership is Insightful, humorous, something every corporate career minded person should see. Carl Jefferson Past President, NAAAHR and SVP Talent Management at Careers In Transition

I enjoyed every minute. You provided great information and made it so much fun. What a talent! Rita Gonsalves (Charlotte ProNet)

I’ve never been so moved by a presentation. Dick Handshaw President Handshaw Company Past and Founding President NC ISPI chapter